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Priority Services Registration for Vulnerable People

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Restoring the Record Project Definitive Map link

For MVAS statistics for Tylers Green, Loudwater and Flackwell Heath go to MVAS Document Library.

Click here for Exercise of Electors’ Rights 2016 and Summary of Electors’ Rights
Exercise of Electors’ Rights 2017
Exercise of Electors’ Rights 2018

Annual Return 2016 2017
Annual Return 2017 2018


You may also wish to know where Chepping Wycombe is located.

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About Us

To learn about the Parish Council and how it is organised go to About Us

What’s on?

See the calendar for a list of the meetings which are coming up.

Historical Records

To read about the history of the Parish Council from 1601 go to History

Land Responsibility

To see which areas the Parish Council is responsible for look at the interactive maps for the area


For the latest news items, meeting notices and documents please go to Announcements


To find out who your local councillor is please go to Councillors


To find out about the committees operated by the Parish Council, and what they do go to Committees.

To see recent historical documents from committee meetings start here in 2012 .

Useful Information

We have provided a list of contacts for emergency services and important council numbers, along with a list of councillors for your area. See useful info

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