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There are three interactive maps on this page. These are based on Google maps . We have shown both areas marked in translucent blue and pin markers also in blue to indicate where the areas are. Both pin markers and areas have been used because the areas will seem to disappear as the user zooms out. Click on an area or on the pin marker to find out more information on the locations.

Please carefully read the comments below on accuracy of these maps. At all times and without exception the accurate maps of the Parish are held and administered by the Parish Council.


The boundaries, areas and pin marker locations are accurate to +/- 50 metres. The maps shown below either in satellite view or in map view are for broad guidance only and do not represent accurate boundaries or loss/ gain of land for those bordering on these areas.

For accurate records of locations and boundaries for these and any other areas within the Parish please contact Chepping Wycombe Parish Council on 01494 814600 or through one of the methods on the Contact Us page.


The Parish has been split into three maps to assist in presenting the information on a website and limiting the amount of information on each map. If you are looking for something please check across all three maps. If something is missing then please contact the Parish Council .

Byelaws are in force on all council owned land.

Council Land – owned or maintained

The Council owns, jointly owns and/or maintains the following areas within the Parish:

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Flackwell Heath

  • Chapel Green
  • Chapel Road Allotments
  • Fennels Wood
  • Flackwell Heath Scout and Guide Hut
  • Green Dragon Lane Sports Ground
  • Heath End Common
  • Oakwood Recreation Ground
  • Old Railway Land
  • Orchard Green Amenity Area
  • Jubilee Garden (was School Green)
  • Straight Bit Recreation Ground

View Flackwell Heath in a larger map



  • Altona Road Cemetery
  • Beechwood Gardens Amenity Area
  • Boundary Road Recreation Ground
  • Derehams Park
  • Lower Kingsmead (Hedley Amenity Area)
  • Old Forge Bank
  • Queensmead Road Amenity Area

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Tylers Green

  • Ashley Drive Allotments
  • Ashley Drive Recreation Ground
  • Chepping Wycombe Parish Council Offices
  • Chepping Wycombe Parish Council Depot
  • Hammerseley Garden of Rest
  • Kingswood
  • Kingswood Cemetery
  • Pond Wood Copse
  • Tylers Green Guide and Scout Hut
  • Tylers Green Common

View Tylers Green in a larger map


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