Graffiti Kits


Want to show graffiti artists that they are not welcome in Chepping Wycombe?


The Anti-Social Behaviour Team loan graffiti response kits to local residents and businesses.

The kits are easy to use, fast acting and non-hazardous.

A kit includes a tub of graffiti wipes, three litres of liquid remover which work on a variety of materials. Other items are also included to help you successfully remove graffiti in a safe way.

If you would like to borrow a kit you can ask your local police neighbourhood team or contact the ASB Team on 01494 421087.

You will need to ask the property owner(s) for permission before you request a kit.

Graffiti is an offense and by removing it quickly you are showing the perpetrators that someone is caring for the area.

Removal should stop further incidents from occurring.

Email your photos to and we will use them as intelligence to find the perpetrator(s).


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