Where is Chepping Wycombe?

Chepping Wycombe is an area outside High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, England.

The name chepping comes from the old English word cieping meaning Market or Marketplace. Historically Chepping Wycombe or Chipping Wycombe was the formal name of the ancient borough and later municipal borough of High Wycombe. It was also the name of the ecclesiastical parish which extended further than the borough boundary.

The civil parish was originally based on the ancient ecclesiastical parish of Chepping Wycombe. In 1894, when parish councils were introduced under the Local Government Act 1894, the original civil parish was split between the urban area of High Wycombe (Chepping Wycombe Municipal Borough) and the rural areas outside the borough to the east (Chepping Wycombe Civil Parish). The parish was reduced in size in 1901 ceding land to the adjacent High Wycombe parish and its boundaries were further changed in 1934.

Current Boundary

The map below shows the area currently managed by Chepping Wycombe Parish Council which includes the villages of Flackwell Heath, Loudwater and Tylers Green.

You can zoom into the map to see the detail, you can also turn on a satellite view of the area using the icons on the map below. Please note that the boundary shown on the map is accurate to approximately +/- 1/4 mile and is shown here to provide a rough guide only.

If you need to know the precise boundaries of the CWPC boundary line please contact the main office by using the Contact Us page .

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