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Roads and Pathways

Found a problem with your road or footpath?

A pothole, highway street light, damaged kerb or a hedge spilling over the footpath. You can report it here and also track the progress being made on it.

Member’s Support
e-learning for councillors.

The Good Councillors Guide
An essential practical guide for councillors, new and experienced
Document:  2017 Edition

Standing Orders
Parliament and members of the council have set down rules for the proper administration of the council.They are our ‘Standing Orders’.
Document: Standing Orders adopted 2017  

Financial Regulations
Financial Regulations are the standing orders that regulate and control the financial affairs and accounting procedures.  DocumentFinancial Regulations adopted June 2017

Community Infrastructure Levy Report
CIL monies received from Wycombe District Council are a proportion of the funds secured from developments in the community.  The monies are to be used on improvement of infrastructure and the well being of residents.  DocumentCIL Report

Risk Register
Document: Risk Register which is currently under review.

Freedom on Information Policy
Document: Freedom of Information Policy

Data Protection Policy
DocumentData Protection Policy

Anti Social Behaviour Log
Document: Log

Publicity Policy
Document: Publicity Policy

Complaints Procedure
Document: Complaints Procedure

Tree Maintenance Policy: Document Tree Policy

Fees and Charges: Document Fees Buildings Access Trees and Benches Other fees and allowances  to be uploaded

Fixed Asset Register

Member’s Code of Conduct
Members of the council are expected to act with selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openess, honesty and show leadership in serving the needs of the community.
Document: Code of Conduct adopted 2012

Members are required to disclose any financial interests which might prejudice a decision. A copy of the register of interests may be inspected at the council offices.

Members Meeting Dates
Meetings open to the public and press are shown under the tab ‘Meetings’ but training events, site visits and similar are only for members and staff.
Document: The full list of meetings is available here


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